The Season that Never Was- Year End Statistics (Long Post)

I'm done.  I didn't fish last weekend, the weekend before I only fished 1 night, and I didn't fish the week of Thanksgiving.  The weekend before last that I did land a single schoolie at night in RI- 5hr suffer fest for a single death rat (~14-16").  And I went to Montauk the weekend before that, and ended up coming home early because I got sick.  Pictures in this post are from that trip.  I didn't have a hit or see anyone catch a fish for the three days that I was there.  It was a miserable trip honestly.  $500 for nothing (add up the room, ferry, food, gas, gear, etc.).

 I was supposed to head to NJ last weekend but that's didn't happen either.  So that's it.  I think there's a chance that good fishing could have been had right up until last week, but like everyone else, I gave up "too early".

Next season I guess.

It was harder this year than ever before to stop.  I always get more than a little depressed at the end of the season.  However, in 2014 and 2015...I was also a little happy it was over.  I was so burnt out and had fished hard- too hard maybe.  But, specifically in 2015, I caught a good number of fish and I was very happy- it wasn't perfect and I missed many opportunities, but I was as close to content as I'd ever been.  I had discovered a few excellent patterns and was "onto something".

But this year?  The thought of it being over makes my stomach churn.  Because this season, frankly, sucked.  Big time.  The whole season from April through November was a giant "fuck you".  I fished more and harder than any season before.  I truly sacrificed for this passion of mine- stupidly maybe at times.  For what?  A lot less fish, not much information.

Ok, yes, I did have more big fish, and yes, I now have a vague idea of a pattern at a good spot that gave up more than a few 20lbers+.  But way less fish overall, and WAY WAY more skunk or single fish nights.  And given where I am in my fishing career, I expect more.  I want more.

The only jewels in the whole season were a night in May, a night in October, and my trip to Cuttyhunk- and even that was mired by tragedy (stories starting in January).

I think there are a few reasons for the suck that was this season- some not my fault, others my fault.  Here are my thoughts on why the season was what it was, and some "Monday morning quarterbacking", with season statistics to boot.  Click to keep reading!