End of October: A critical Month Part III

50 in one night.  30 in another.  Peanut blitzes.  Adult Shad.  Still: nothing over 20lbs.  That about sums it up!  Unfortunately my computer died, so that's why I'm writing this in December.  The good news is I'll try and put in posts through the new year summing up my fishing into December.  But yeah, it's December 5th, and I'm done!


Middle of October: A Critical Month Part II

As usual, I'm behind in blogging.  I'm on a "break" from being an adult- I decided to wait a bit to look for a job, live on my savings (with the most supportive wife ever), and fish my ass off.  As of writing this (October 26) I have only missed 3 nights in the entire month of October.  It hasn't been great, but I've caught a bunch of schoolies and small keepers.  Read on!


October Full Moon: A Critical Month Part I

Robins first keeper of the night
The beginning of October, and a Full Moon.  Prime time.  For me, it often yields one of the biggest fish of the year.  Last year I had two fish over 30lbs during a single tide, and one I’m calling 40lbs even though I didn’t have a boga.  It was over 45”, likely something like 47".  So what about this year?  I’ll cover the period from October 1 to October 9 in this post, and next week I’ll do another on the middle part of the month.


Before I get in October, let's talk about September!

Without further detail, I'll let this drop: I am currently without a job.  This has been a trying time in my life, and it's lead to both more and less fishing.  More because I have more time, less because I suddenly find my life on it's head and I have had trouble getting myself out of the house at times.  Add in a dying fishery, and motivation has waxed and waned.

That being said, September was boom and bust....


Photography Finalist...and I didn't know it!

Too late to vote, but my photo I submitted to the Orvis September 20 Days competition was chosen out of the hundreds of photos as a top 10 finalist.  How cool is that?  I'm still waiting to see if I placed in the top 3 and if so I win a prize- first place is a really nice Helios fly rod.  Voting closed today, and I just found out I was even selected!  Still going to post because I'm pretty proud.  My photo is the striped bass, and I was the only salt water finalist.



Film Coming Winter 2018

A season in the New England Surf
Full Film Coming Winter 2018


Summer Doldrums x 1000

I haven't been keeping up.  I haven't been fishing much- maybe 15 trips in the last 30 days.  I rolled the dice and used up much of my vacation time, favor time, and away from wife time during the "60 days" in May and June.  So, when July rolled around and HUGE fish pushed through the canal, and likely some of my spots, I just couldn't be out there.  I had family obligations, friend obligations, work obligations, etc.

But worse than that, I've had a lot of personal stuff going on in my life that has prevented me from getting out.  I'm so exhausted, so run down, I can't fish the night tides.  It's been hell.  It's been the worst couple months in a VERY long time.


Personal Best- 5lb small mouth on fly!

I spent the weekend on a lake in Maine with Carly.  We had a fantastic time.  And I slayed the bass on my 6WT fly rod.  I had 4 large mouth over 4lbs, 2 small mouths over 2lbs, and this monster at over 5lbs.  We saw eagles, loons, osprey, otters, and loads of other wildlife.  It was a fantastic trip.


The season so far: "almost"

Let me sum up 2017 for you.  It's the season of "almost".  Let me explain.


From Terrible to OK- Ending on an Up Swing- June New Moon

Four nights of skunk, followed by two nights that were OK.  They could have been amazing, if I hadn't made some mistakes, and had known what I know now.  Read on to find out-



It's Thursday already and I fished last night for no hits.  I've given in to slinging snakes.  Has made little difference.

However, last week there were a few nights that had so much potential- it just never happened.  One was tragic...

My GoPro wouldn't take video, only pictures.  Not sure what happened.


In a funk

I could write up details of my trips like I've been doing, but it'd basically sound the same: no fish, lots of work.


Fight on! No matter the fishery...

Fight on…even if there's no fish around...(reports from last week)


9 trips in 11 days. Yep, my fears have been realized

On vacation most of last week...continuing from the week/weekend before with only 1 day off (the one night being Monday night).


1 Good fish and a lot of apprehension

Starting mid-week last week

Decided 1 week night every week is going to be an exploration night at my new spot.  I want to learn it, and to learn it means trying different things.  Forcing myself to go on the same night every week results in different conditions.  I had a good plan going into the night, and it paid off.


Fun week despite the weather

Reports starting mid-week last week.

Started out with the most fun skunk week I've had in a while.  The conditions seemed perfect- the wind in the my face was not overly strong.  The tide was super high due to full moon.  I attempted a wade- in my wetsuit- to a distant rock some 100+ yards off shore.  Making it is usually no big deal, no swimming involved, just chest deep in places.  But given the moon and the wind...well it wasn't long before I was side stroking in 2-3ft seas to my perch.  That'll wake you up when it's 48 degrees and the water is 50.  Once out to the rock, I casted until I thought I could just walk back.  I had 1 hit on the new big mag darter, and it felt like an uninterested tap from a small fish.  But I was having a ball.  This new spot is fishy as hell, and now I know it's deeper than I thought- should yield good rewards in the future.  Home by about 1am and up for work at 7.

Skinny fish (~28")


April Showers Bring Freezing Cold Weather in May...And the First Keeper

First week in May.  First week I got out in my wetsuit!  I just hate waders and I ripped mine last time I went out.  First night it was 49 degrees and the water was also 49 degrees.  I upgraded this year- finally- to a 7mm suit on top of my 4/3 I've been using forever.  The new suit is incredible (neosport- great deal), and with my surf top I have 8.5mm of neoprene.  Only thing that gets cold is my hands, and my feet did eventually get a little cold (my booties are riddled with holes).  Man, I fucking love wetsuiting.  I just absolutely LOVE being in the water.


Scouting a New Spot- First Fish of the Season

Fish during the month of April don't count.  Not for me anyways, not for where I fish.  They're like super duper extra bonus fish and every one is precious.  I don't start having expectations of catching in solid numbers until about May 5-10 depending on moons.  It's just a consequence of where I fish, and how I fish.  I'm not psyched about going out and catching holdovers and 10" local fish during the day.  Done it.  Not my thing.  If it's your thing, great!  Then you should be out right now.  But me, I like to be out at night casting metal lips and darters.

Anyways, the last few days of April I got out twice in three nights despite horrific poison ivy, and the meds they have me on for it (roid' rage anyone?), just to see if anything was happening and to start to get a feel for a new spot.  In the past, I did too much daylight fishing the spring with small lures- like I said, this isn't my thing.  This spring I was only going out in the evening and dark like I would any other time of year, and fishing with normal plugs.  No little garbage lures.  Yes, I'd use SP minnows, bombers, and bucktails, but I wasn't sizing down to micro baits.  What's the point?  I've caught 15" fish on SS darters and 3.5oz dannys plenty of times anyways.

I really was just out to scout and do a couple dry runs of a new spot I have secured parking for.  I had 0 expectations- really.  But, looks like it's paid off already.  More below.


Arts, Music, and New Stuff: ONE Week Countdown

ONE WEEK.  The countdown is on.  Recent warm weather has me "frothing".  Reports are in from RI.  It's killing me.

Got out in the kayak and half-halfheartedly casted the fly rod in the local pond.  I just don't enjoy it like I used to.  Surf fishing is king.

I have a 32 mile race in a couple days.  It's been hard work getting ready for it.  The reason I bring this up is because it's the only thing keeping me from losing my mind.  It's something to focus on.  It's something to keep me from spiraling into cabin-fever induced depression.  I've been trying desperately to keep myself from thinking too much about fishing season, because if I do, I become unable to work, focus, or function.  The running is a remnant of my past life, a time before fishing, and I do enjoy it a lot.  But it's not surf fishing.  Nothing is.  I have been spending all winter on google earth, youtube, surfcasters journal, and google doing tons of research.  The last few weeks I've REALLY ratcheted it up.  Next.  Weekend.  Is. Time.


Observations from 2017 The New England Salt Water Fishing Show

Here are some of my observations from this years fishing show in Providence, RI. (Click below to read full post)


Winter Refuge: Naples, FL

Travel fishing trips, especially with limited or no experience in the area or with the native species, can be very tricky.  Expectations are high from YouTube and internet searches, and the "pressure" is high because the time is short.  I have mixed success with travel trips.  The first time I went to Ocracoke, NC (almost 10 years ago!) we only caught dog fish, but boy were we excited.  I've run around Long Island a bit and have had minimal success.  But in Florida at the Keys a couple years ago we did pretty well, and after two trips of striking out last year I finally landed some fish in the Pacific along the San Diego coast.

Our camera broke so all these pictures are taken with my GoPro.


2016 Plug Review: What Worked,and What's Next

 As I sit here writing this, it's dumping snow out.  But, it's been a long time since I've added anything to the blog.  I've had a couple other things going on.  But, I think this is a tradition at this point- a review of what worked in the previous year.  So, without further ado, here's my plug review from 2016.