Scouting a New Spot- First Fish of the Season

Fish during the month of April don't count.  Not for me anyways, not for where I fish.  They're like super duper extra bonus fish and every one is precious.  I don't start having expectations of catching in solid numbers until about May 5-10 depending on moons.  It's just a consequence of where I fish, and how I fish.  I'm not psyched about going out and catching holdovers and 10" local fish during the day.  Done it.  Not my thing.  If it's your thing, great!  Then you should be out right now.  But me, I like to be out at night casting metal lips and darters.

Anyways, the last few days of April I got out twice in three nights despite horrific poison ivy, and the meds they have me on for it (roid' rage anyone?), just to see if anything was happening and to start to get a feel for a new spot.  In the past, I did too much daylight fishing the spring with small lures- like I said, this isn't my thing.  This spring I was only going out in the evening and dark like I would any other time of year, and fishing with normal plugs.  No little garbage lures.  Yes, I'd use SP minnows, bombers, and bucktails, but I wasn't sizing down to micro baits.  What's the point?  I've caught 15" fish on SS darters and 3.5oz dannys plenty of times anyways.

I really was just out to scout and do a couple dry runs of a new spot I have secured parking for.  I had 0 expectations- really.  But, looks like it's paid off already.  More below.


Arts, Music, and New Stuff: ONE Week Countdown

ONE WEEK.  The countdown is on.  Recent warm weather has me "frothing".  Reports are in from RI.  It's killing me.

Got out in the kayak and half-halfheartedly casted the fly rod in the local pond.  I just don't enjoy it like I used to.  Surf fishing is king.

I have a 32 mile race in a couple days.  It's been hard work getting ready for it.  The reason I bring this up is because it's the only thing keeping me from losing my mind.  It's something to focus on.  It's something to keep me from spiraling into cabin-fever induced depression.  I've been trying desperately to keep myself from thinking too much about fishing season, because if I do, I become unable to work, focus, or function.  The running is a remnant of my past life, a time before fishing, and I do enjoy it a lot.  But it's not surf fishing.  Nothing is.  I have been spending all winter on google earth, youtube, surfcasters journal, and google doing tons of research.  The last few weeks I've REALLY ratcheted it up.  Next.  Weekend.  Is. Time.