9 trips in 11 days. Yep, my fears have been realized

On vacation most of last week...continuing from the week/weekend before with only 1 day off (the one night being Monday night).


1 Good fish and a lot of apprehension

Starting mid-week last week

Decided 1 week night every week is going to be an exploration night at my new spot.  I want to learn it, and to learn it means trying different things.  Forcing myself to go on the same night every week results in different conditions.  I had a good plan going into the night, and it paid off.


Fun week despite the weather

Reports starting mid-week last week.

Started out with the most fun skunk week I've had in a while.  The conditions seemed perfect- the wind in the my face was not overly strong.  The tide was super high due to full moon.  I attempted a wade- in my wetsuit- to a distant rock some 100+ yards off shore.  Making it is usually no big deal, no swimming involved, just chest deep in places.  But given the moon and the wind...well it wasn't long before I was side stroking in 2-3ft seas to my perch.  That'll wake you up when it's 48 degrees and the water is 50.  Once out to the rock, I casted until I thought I could just walk back.  I had 1 hit on the new big mag darter, and it felt like an uninterested tap from a small fish.  But I was having a ball.  This new spot is fishy as hell, and now I know it's deeper than I thought- should yield good rewards in the future.  Home by about 1am and up for work at 7.

Skinny fish (~28")


April Showers Bring Freezing Cold Weather in May...And the First Keeper

First week in May.  First week I got out in my wetsuit!  I just hate waders and I ripped mine last time I went out.  First night it was 49 degrees and the water was also 49 degrees.  I upgraded this year- finally- to a 7mm suit on top of my 4/3 I've been using forever.  The new suit is incredible (neosport- great deal), and with my surf top I have 8.5mm of neoprene.  Only thing that gets cold is my hands, and my feet did eventually get a little cold (my booties are riddled with holes).  Man, I fucking love wetsuiting.  I just absolutely LOVE being in the water.