From Terrible to OK- Ending on an Up Swing- June New Moon

Four nights of skunk, followed by two nights that were OK.  They could have been amazing, if I hadn't made some mistakes, and had known what I know now.  Read on to find out-



It's Thursday already and I fished last night for no hits.  I've given in to slinging snakes.  Has made little difference.

However, last week there were a few nights that had so much potential- it just never happened.  One was tragic...

My GoPro wouldn't take video, only pictures.  Not sure what happened.


In a funk

I could write up details of my trips like I've been doing, but it'd basically sound the same: no fish, lots of work.


Fight on! No matter the fishery...

Fight on…even if there's no fish around...(reports from last week)