It's Thursday already and I fished last night for no hits.  I've given in to slinging snakes.  Has made little difference.

However, last week there were a few nights that had so much potential- it just never happened.  One was tragic...

My GoPro wouldn't take video, only pictures.  Not sure what happened.

Mid week on the cape.  First night fish one of my favorites during an off-moon off-tide night.  Oh well.  I've done well on all tides here, this is just my least favorite stage.  Still, as it entered the witching hour, I was fishing a very dead eel when I had a sharp tap.  Lowered the rod, let the line come tight- lots of anticipation- slammed the hook home.  Not a monster.  Land said fish, and it's a very short very fat 14-15lber (boga weighed).  Not a hit after that!  Well, at least that's better than the previous week already!

Next night I returned for naught.

The following there was a wicked SE blow- so that effectively destroys most MA coastline.  I headed to a sheltered spot- honestly, I should have stayed home.  It's a long drive.  It's a PITA for reasons I won't get into to- logistical reasons.  I get there...head out...take a few casts...my VS is broken.  The anti-reverse won't work.  I just paid $270 to get it fixed after I broke it trying to service it.  I was SO MAD.  I will hold off on bashing anyone until this is resolved.  Mistakes can happen.  So...I got in the car and drove home after 20 minutes of fishing...20 minutes of fishing and just about 4 hours of driving/walking...

I was a bit...anxious...after that, so decided to head out to a totally new spot the next night.  Yes, yet another totally new one.

This one- so much potential.  Access is...challenging.  I'll give you this, it's between Boston Harbor and the canal.  South Shore.

Started fishing at 630pm.  Yes, I was in it for the long haul.  I headed one direction on a tip from a beach-walker (I was debating going that way anyways), and spent an hour tossing bucktails.  Saw a boat catch 5 dinks in a row on some kind of SP minnow/bomber lure, which I took as a good sign.  The water was very cloudy though- wonder what it'll be like when it's clear.

I walked back the other direction after no hits.

I scoped out a small group of cormorants working water wwwaaayyyy out.  I had big swells (re: SE blow the day before) and had to be careful wading.  The wind was calm now though, so I opted for a 3oz little neck popper.  Blast it out there and within 3 casts had an explosive hit and a fun fight with a 10 (?) pound fish.  Few teenage boys came by right as I landed it and started asking tons of questions, and I answered as many as I could.  Talked to them about why I was releasing it, and all about the striped bass.  They were shockingly interested.  That was fun.  Another 1/2 hour of casting yielded no more fish.

I headed back to the car to change into the wetsuit and get the night gear.  Arrived back at the water around 9pm.  This time I headed for rocks.

I had a few hits soon as it was dark.  Hooked up and landed a high-20" fish, maybe keeper maybe not, on a redfin.  Seeing the cormorants I figured I should stick to thin profile bait, as I was assuming they were on sand eels or spearing (or similar).  Not long after I had another schoolie on a Mikes needle.  As the night progressed, this continued.  I ended up with a few schoolies, all in mid-20" range.  But I lost at least a 1/2 dozen fish.  And one of them- this is where the potential comes from- was big.

Of all things I was using an SP minnow as a depth gauge.  I know how deep they run, so was using them to see where I'd snag.  It was about 11pm, and the SP was not far from me when I had a very hard hit and then lots of water spray.  I was nearly asleep from exhaustion and did my best to set the hook.  The fish took off and I held on.  It went right into rocks adjacent to me.  I thought I had it though.  But then, all of a sudden, lots of resistance- she's around a rock!  I backed off a bit, and then she was gone.  And I was hung up.  I got the lure back, and noted one of the VMCs was slightly bent.  WHAT THE FUCK.  This is the worst season for losing big fish ever.  I'm too tired.  I wasn't paying attention.  Wasn't focused.

After that I had a fish on a SS needle.  I did try eels a lot, but I only caught fish on needles/thin plugs.  I'm not sure if it was casting distance or what.  Most of my fish seemed to hit well within eel casting distance.

I was dying at this point.  I was so tired by midnight I just couldn't suffer much more.  I stayed until 1245, and then headed back to my car.  I have to say, this night wasn't so bad.  It was almost good, had I landed the bigger fish.

As I started to get ready to leave, I thought...but there are fish here finally!  And I told myself if I found any I wouldn't leave.  So I did something crazy.  I slept there.  I pulled out a sleeping bag (for just such an emergency) and stayed.  I can't go into how or what I did because it'll give too much away and I don't want to admit to breaking any rules.

Asleep around 2 after lots of tossing and turning, my alarm was going off at 415.  It was already too light out and I was pissed I didn't get up earlier.  I ate a carrot and a brownie and put on my disgusting still wet wetsuit.

I then fished until about 630am for no hits.  I wanted to stay a little longer, but I had to leave.  I was starting to get light headed I was so hungry- SO HUNGRY.

I decided on the way home to take 3 full, good, nights off to recoup in preparation for this week and the new moon.  I hope it was worth it.  I'm starting to get like Bill W where I don't want to miss a tide any night.  I think that's called addiction.  But of course: you know you're addicted when something hurts but you can't stop.  I'm hurting!  It's been painful!

We'll see.  So far this week- 1 blank.  More to come.