Summer Doldrums x 1000

I haven't been keeping up.  I haven't been fishing much- maybe 15 trips in the last 30 days.  I rolled the dice and used up much of my vacation time, favor time, and away from wife time during the "60 days" in May and June.  So, when July rolled around and HUGE fish pushed through the canal, and likely some of my spots, I just couldn't be out there.  I had family obligations, friend obligations, work obligations, etc.

But worse than that, I've had a lot of personal stuff going on in my life that has prevented me from getting out.  I'm so exhausted, so run down, I can't fish the night tides.  It's been hell.  It's been the worst couple months in a VERY long time.

Anyways, I hope it's over soon.  It's got to be I can't take much more.

NOW, moving on, the season hasn't gotten any better for me.  If you only fish a night or two a week, it's REALLY hard to figure out what's going on and where the fish are, even if you have good spots you know well.  This is why I'm sucking even more than normal.

So it's been a few strike outs, and a lot of small fish.  One night I had about a dozen small fish to low 22-24", but all but a couple were in the 15-20" range.  Babies.  When I was in this spot though, I did see the local crew of three guys pull out a nice 14-17lber and another 10lber.  In a micro spot I would not have fished, but makes sense now that I think about it.  So that was valuable.  And I've run all over the state, and one morning found a mini-blitz of snappers and schoolies on really small bait.  I'm saving the video for later.  It was really fun getting to watch that up close- I mean right up close, laying on the shore, sticking my camera in the water and getting footage of the fish RIGHT in front of me.  That night there were fish breaking everywhere around me before dawn, but I couldn't replicate the tiny bait- I didn't have the fly rod.  Bad luck again.

This is the only decent fish I've caught in the last month


The pictures you see here are from another night on the North Shore.  This is a guy I just ran into walking out, and as you know from reading, I NEVER talk to ANYONE.  But for some reason, I have NO idea why, I chose to talk with him.  He seemed like a decent guy and "said the right things" to let me know he wasn't going to be burning spots and he's all C&R so...so I decide, Hell, why not?  I'll fish with someone for a change.  So we shared the tide.

While that night I only had a few schoolies, it was fun to fish a tide with someone enthusiastic who was catching nice fish.  I was fly fishing, and he was eeling so of course he smoked me.  He had a few decent fish, and lost a really nice one.  Pictured was a mid-20's for sure.

I just couldn't replicate what he was doing- fishing with eels- with the fly rod.  HOWEVER, it was good to see the spot I fish often fished with eels up close.  I know the local crew that fishes there, but I always keep my distance.  Nice to know there are some fish around- it'll be valuable moving into the Fall bite.

This weekend I leave for paradise, and I'll post about that when I get back.