More later, but yes, there are still fish in MA (and yes, even north of the Cape)

I wanted to post a really quick report that, yes, there are still fish around in MA.  I have had schoolies every trip out for the last week.  They keep getting smaller, but they're there.  I think my last night in cape cod bay will be this weekend, as last night I only ran in to mostly really small fish- like babies only 12" long.

But I've had some keeper fish mixed in to, as this picture shows.  Even a few low teeners.  And, holy shit, if I didn't see a 15-18lb (ish) fish last night RIGHT in the wash!  I ran back to my car (which took about 20 minutes) and came back armed with my fly rod (read between the lines)...and there were tons of fish in the wash...unfortunately not one of them was even 1/3 that big.

But if you're content to catch schoolies, they're still out there.  I've had no less than 10 every night I've gone out, and honestly I haven't really even been putting in my normal effort.  I've been lazy and not even trying to find bigger fish, and I generally only fish for  couple hours.  I'm just so tried from moving and all the life events, I'm ready for the season to be over. I still think there's a very good chance of running into something significant too, given the moon phase, and water temperatures.  That's why I just can't give up.  We'll see.

Anyways, I'll post more details about the end of october and november when I get my computer back up and running.