More Analysis (No pictures)

I wrote this up for a forum I belong to, but it's too much good information not to share.  It's mostly the same as the last post, but more boiled down with a bit more informatin "by the numbers".  I don't have time to edit it or add in photos, but I thought I'd put it here- even if I'm the only one that reads it, it'll be good to have.  I'm not sure why my numbers of trips came out slightly different, but I'm not going back through and counting again.  I did this before I did the 5000 word write up.


Year in Review: 5000 words about 20-7-TEEN

Time for the year in review.  I fished 129 trips according to my logs, 113 night trips, with 142 times at different spots (having spent time at multiple spots on the same night).  I hope my math works out with what I wrote below, but I just carefully counted now and these numbers are the most accurate.  I can’t exactly tabulate the hours, but I would guess that’s well over 600 hours, not counting driving.  I put 18,000 miles on my car.  I caught 470 stripers (round number, weird), 9 blue fish, and 1 porgy.  Sounds like a lot, but I would put 2017 firmly in the “failure” season category.  Click read more below to see the full post…


November: Lots of Fish; None of them Big. Last trip of the season, December 1.

Let's wrap up the season, finally.

Going into the first few days of November, I knocked it cleanly out of the park.  Yes, I didn't catch the fish I was looking for.  I didn't land a single fish over 20lbs the entire month of November.  But, for me, November is a real toss up month where I fish.  Last year it was an absolute bust.  The year before, it was not bad.  Year before that, bust.  You get the picture.