A good week- 2018 could be different?

Last week was a good one.  Patterns are back, fish are in, and I am feeling good about it.


Still Early- How early? I'm not sure.

I had an interesting week running all over New England last week.  The night tides are all wrong for me, but I'm putting in my time. I'm still almost entirely scouting, and have fished all new spots this week.  I think I need to stop; I have too many spots as it is. It still feels really early, regardless what the calendar says.  There are a lot of tiny fish around, but I have stayed the course and stayed away from them...for the most part... (click for week report)


Early Season Scouting- Yet to really start my season- but first fish caught

I'll run through the week really quickly, because it's not very exciting...


Season Begins: Scouting and Skunks

So, yes, I have started my season.  Surf, and Freshwater.  Sooner, than I expected.


2017 Plug Review!

It's that time of year again!  Review what were the best plugs for 2017.

Before I go on, if you're interested in the mugs and ceramic work in the pictures, Carly has launched her own ceramic business.  She is a talented artist, and is just beginning to build inventory.  She also does commission pieces- please check out her work on Facebook and you can purchase directly from her (and me) from Etsy.

I made a 45 minute video detailing this post.  It's long, boring, and I don't like it.  So I'm going to go back to the traditional format and just write about it with pictures.

Really, 2017 boiled down to two plugs for me.  These two plugs, which I get to at the end of the post, made up at least 70% of my catch, the majority of my best nights, and my largest (ugh) fish of the season.

But there were others, and I'll go through them first.

These first plugs are in no particular order....


Year in Review: 5000 words about 20-7-TEEN

Time for the year in review.  I fished 129 trips according to my logs, 113 night trips, with 142 times at different spots (having spent time at multiple spots on the same night).  I hope my math works out with what I wrote below, but I just carefully counted now and these numbers are the most accurate.  I can’t exactly tabulate the hours, but I would guess that’s well over 600 hours, not counting driving.  I put 18,000 miles on my car.  I caught 470 stripers (round number, weird), 9 blue fish, and 1 porgy.  Sounds like a lot, but I would put 2017 firmly in the “failure” season category.  Click read more below to see the full post…


November: Lots of Fish; None of them Big. Last trip of the season, December 1.

Let's wrap up the season, finally.

Going into the first few days of November, I knocked it cleanly out of the park.  Yes, I didn't catch the fish I was looking for.  I didn't land a single fish over 20lbs the entire month of November.  But, for me, November is a real toss up month where I fish.  Last year it was an absolute bust.  The year before, it was not bad.  Year before that, bust.  You get the picture.