Season Begins: Scouting and Skunks

So, yes, I have started my season.  Surf, and Freshwater.  Sooner, than I expected.

For those that don't know, I have undertaken a huge personal goal this year of running 100 miles in a single day, on trails, in a race in Vermont on June 1.  As of writing this, I think that is not going to happen in 2018.  The reasons are many, but mostly because I hurt myself and I am realizing I am not prepared for the race to a level I find acceptable.  Could I finish?  Maybe.  Will it ruin May, June, and possibly months beyond for fishing?  Yes.  Has it become consuming and very stressful?  Yes.  I have several big fishing opportunities this year, and am going to try to build my writing and photography portfolio, and not being able to fish would seriously hurt that.  Plus, I just am realizing I'm not sure it's worth giving up my two absolutely favorite fishing months.

So as of this moment, the race is off, and after this weekend of final preparation and recuperation, I am hitting the surf hard.  There is a tiny chance that that may change, but it is unlikely.


Even given the training (I got up to running 10 hours straight), I have been able to get in a surf/estuaries a few times already this season looking for holdovers.  A couple weeks ago I hooked and a very nice holdover- this was no schoolie- but alas I dropped the fish.  This was on a redfin in a herring driven fishery.  Unfortunately, from that point forth, I have had 0 hits or fish in my Cape hold over locations, and a new one I checked out.  I haven't given it full effort though, and will soon enough.  Also, as you can tell by reading this, I'm not a big holdover fisherman.  So this isn't exactly my forte'.

Beyond that, I've barely spent any time at all fly fishing in the freshwater.  Usually in April I do some as I itch to get out and surf fish.  But with so much running this spring I have not had time.  But here are some shots, and a short video, I took from searching out beaver ponds for pickerel over the last couple weeks.  I hooked one, but lost it, and have frustratingly struck out at all the other spots.  Still searching, and these are all new waters after our move...