Last week opens BIG...dwindles...but still looking good!

Last week started with a true trophy fish, and then rounded out with schoolies- read on for details!


Mid-week Fly Fishing

Took a walk.  Fished for about 40 minutes.  Caught some fish.  It was harder work for these fish than I had planned on- lots of roll casts from my knees in heavy brush.  But it was a nice weather day, and freshwater fishing with the fly rod is so relaxing.  Spring is here; it'll be gone in a couple weeks.  The bass are still on their beds, but they are catch-able.  Get out there.


A good week- 2018 could be different?

Last week was a good one.  Patterns are back, fish are in, and I am feeling good about it.


Still Early- How early? I'm not sure.

I had an interesting week running all over New England last week.  The night tides are all wrong for me, but I'm putting in my time. I'm still almost entirely scouting, and have fished all new spots this week.  I think I need to stop; I have too many spots as it is. It still feels really early, regardless what the calendar says.  There are a lot of tiny fish around, but I have stayed the course and stayed away from them...for the most part... (click for week report)


Early Season Scouting- Yet to really start my season- but first fish caught

I'll run through the week really quickly, because it's not very exciting...