Early Season Scouting- Yet to really start my season- but first fish caught

I'll run through the week really quickly, because it's not very exciting...

Early in the week I attempted to try and fish a little, not just scouting.  I found lots of bait, both spearing/silversides and also adult herring.  I wasn't concerned with some of the smaller fish that I've heard of in RI and was focusing on trying to find larger holdovers, or perhaps a very early migratory fish capable of handling a herring.  Not surprisingly, I found the skunk.  I did have a beautiful night with the loons though.  I tried to get audio of them but it was too far away for the GoPro.

Then the next night I scouted/fished a new spot.  Mostly I walked, out of the 2.5 hours I spent there I probably only fished for 1/2 hour.  Psyched for this new spot, could be a real doozy!  Going to take a lot of work I think to execute on, but could be worth it.  We'll see.  I'm starting to burn out on finding new spots every year, year after year.  I've been building my schedule for the year and really think I may focus on 3 specific spots for the first time, instead of the 6-10 I usually run around too.  The thing is, they're all very different and huge distances in between.  Ideally, I'd add two more to the mix, and focus just on those 5.  But, I know me, and I know I'll end up running all over the friggin' country.  Especially this year, because I fully intend to fish 5-7 days a week from this week through November.

I had to take a night off then back at it and decided to spend some time during the day at that new spot.  I spent 2 hours again walking and taking pictures without a rod.  Then, in the evening I went back out after a quick meal from the cooler and actually fished.  It was gorgeous night and windy and just perfect- except it feels really really early.  Even though the calendar says almost May, it feels earlier.  Anyways, I fished around some rocks and sand with SP minnow- the newer smaller one- it was the only thing I could cast into the wind that I thought a dink would be interested in.  Frustratingly, I moved off a rock and someone else snuck up behind me and got on it...and landed a fish immediately!  But the guys fishing near me were all using tiny jig heads with soft plastics.  I'm sorry, I'm just not going to do that.  I'm not desperate enough to catch a 15" fish.  As the years go on I just care less and less about it.  So I saw about 6 fish caught around me before I finally caught my first fish of the season...and instead of 15" it was well over 20".  A monster among what the others were catching.  So, there you go.  But later, about an hour later, I caught one of the smallest new england stripers I've ever seen...12"?  No way a migrator.  Cool.  I gave up after it got dark, maybe 1530, and decided I'd go home.  But then after I got to the car...I wanted to fish more!  So, I drove 45 minutes further south and west and fished for a while longer on sand beaches.  I had 0 hits, but had fun.  Took some cool pictures I can't post because they burn my spot ha!

I had to take a few nights off because my car was getting worked on, but I'm going to hit it REAL hard next week.