Two week Wrap up- First Trip to the Vineyard- First Morning at the Canal

Phew.  It's been a slog/marathon the last couple weeks.  Yeah, I've had fish but it's been a struggle at times for sure, and I haven't nailed anything over 20 now for over 2 weeks.  But it's been fun.  Here's the report!


Two Weeks of Roller Coaster Fishing

The last two weeks have been very frustrating.  The persistent problem of non-consistency continues to haunt me- but there's been some tragedy too.  Lot's of lost fish.  Still, the worst thing I'm facing is the same I've been facing for 3 seasons now- the fish are here one day, and gone the next, and I have to really move around a lot to find them- and spend a lot of time fishing fora limited number of shots.  BUT, but, I shouldn't complain, because last week was definitely decent.  Read on for details!