Two week Wrap up- First Trip to the Vineyard- First Morning at the Canal

Phew.  It's been a slog/marathon the last couple weeks.  Yeah, I've had fish but it's been a struggle at times for sure, and I haven't nailed anything over 20 now for over 2 weeks.  But it's been fun.  Here's the report!

 So as I stated, I went to the Vineyard last week for a few days.  I can't give many details because I promised I wouldn't.  I almost didn't even post I went at all but I discussed this with my fishing partners and they thought it was fine.  I can't give ANY spot information at all, and even if I could, I wouldn't.  As per usual.

But before we get to that, let me go back through my log and report on the week of June 10-17 first.  I can't remember a damn thing without it, so I'm going to go through it day by day and summarize what I wrote there.

I started the week fishing a rip and was skunked.  It felt fishy.  It looked good!  But no fish.  I only fished big darters and metal lips.  Maybe a few casts with a bucktail.  It SHOULD be good- it isn't.  I thought LAST year was bad at this spot...this year has been even worse!

The next night I went to a different spot, but I was so tired I messed up the tide, and I wasn't into fishing.  I had 0 hits.  It is a boulder field and really tide dependent and I just screwed up.  It's a hike too, and to mess up like that and essentially sabotage myself was depressing. I was fishing just to fish, and there's no need to do that now if I'm so tired.

So I went home and slept a lot, and the next night I felt great.  So I fished a rip again, and had a few small fish, and once I decided it wasn't going to happen I took a drive to the canal. 

Yep, I fished the canal.  I also went right to the east end because I wanted to see the silliness that might unfold.  I got there crazy early like 2am and fished bucktails and darters until the sky started to brighten, and then fished top water and glide baits until it became unbearably crowded which was about sunrise.  The only fish I saw caught out of the 30-40 fisherman I could see were my two fish.  I had a schoolie and a 14lb fish, both on my savage gear custom painted glide baits.

I will not be going back to the canal for a while.  It was a nightmare- guys trying to fish bait in the lineup, guys working pencils like IDIOTS, using gear that wouldn't be suited to fish a sand beach for schoolies, two guys mobbed the fuck out of me and I just moved- then two more came and mobbed me again, there was a guy fishing with a drone, and generally it was just a nightmare as expected.

It's all good, but I'll pass on that thanks.  Maybe I'll go back in November when everyone is gone.  Although I was offered to go with a couple of really hard core knowledgeable guys so maybe I'll go if it turns on.

Thing I didn't count on was how satisfying it was to catch that 14lb fish when everyone within a mile of me was getting skunked.  Small fish maybe but better then no fish!

Anyways, that was an all nighter.  But I went the next night anways!  I fished a backwater area that should be OK right now, or could be really good.  It was dead!  I know why I think but I'll keep that to myself.  Basically, the conditions weren't right, they were the opposite of what I needed.  Plus I'm still waiting for the second push of fish to come after the push in May.  We're so far behind!  I'm catching all kinds of fish with lice on them.

So then one more visit to the rip the next night, for a couple of small fish again (2), and then it was time to head south again.

The next two nights I fished boulder fields and did OK.  I leader-ed a 20lb fish but it came off as I pulled it onto the rock.  I would have liked a picture of that one- again on my painted glide bait.  I also had two what I'm guessing where teen bass that came off on darters.  That was an eye opener because I didn't think a darter would be great here, but first cast with it I had the one fish then two minutes later the next....then nothing.  That was a frustrating night!  But I had a few big schoolies too the next night, and so I knew I needed to stay at it.  The next night I only had a single 13lb fish on a Surf Asylum flat glide, which I'm really liking!  What a good needle.  That was it, but at least I landed it ugh!

And that was it. Not the best week for sure.  I was terribly tired, and I knew I had to rest up for the Vineyard.

The Vineyard was a good time!

Baby Sand Eels
I was there 4 days/nights.  I fished almost only sand beach, but did spend a little time in some rips which was actually more productive.  I can't get into any details, but there are a ton of bluefish around during the evenings, and there are a good number of small bass around at night.  I was told there are some bigger fish- 20-25lbs- but we certainly didn't find them nor the few locals I was in contact with.  I just didn't find anything bigger then 13-14lbs, although someone I was fishing with had a fish that probably went 16-17lbs.  Interestingly I had 70% of my fish on bucktails, a few on the SP minnow and super strike needles, the rest on poppers except for 1 fish I caught on my fly rod.  The largest fish I caught was on a bucktail with second largest on the flat glide needle.  I had 3 fish around 10lbs, 1 13-14 as mentioned, then all others were between 18" and 28" with the vast majority between 20" and 23".  I counted them up I think I had about 30 fish over the 4 nights- most on a single 2 hour trip to a rip.  The blues varied, I saw an almost 10lber, but mine were between 3 and 7lbs.  I fished with andrus and chuck's bucks in the 1-2oz range mostly.  Poppers probably didn't matter but it seemed the little neck super strike was my best bet.  I will say, I saw most blue fish caught on tins, I just was trying to avoid them.  Also I didn't fish deep in the night as much as I would have liked.  The majority was between about 7pm and 10pm and then again between 5am and 9am.  Although I did stay up all night once- that night I only had 10 bass all small and 2 medium sized blues (one on a darter).  I did get chomped off once in a rip by a blue deep in the night too.

If you're headed there, I say temper expectations unless you're really in the know and are willing to work really hard.  Bring bucktails, and enjoy the blues in the evenings and then have a good time with your friends or family.  I'd fish incoming water if you're on the sand beach, and if you're even a little interested in actually catching good fish, I'd suggest doing what I always do (but didn't this time) and fish the zombie hours. The big fish could be moving in with the coming full moon.  And based on what I saw, it's ready to explode.  The bait situation out there is insane- infinitely better then anything I've seen inshore here!

So that's the last two weeks.  Whoa!  We're really close to July!  I usually slack up in the next couple of weeks, but I'm not this year.  In fact, I'm going to take a few nights off now, and take it easy going into the full moon because I want to keep up 20+ nights in July and August.  It's going to be a little tough with family stuff and other obligations, but I'll do my best!

Also, I'll do a better job keeping the blog up to date at least every week again.  Come on back!