A Week for Running Around, Minimal Success

I know I keep getting really far behind, but in the next few weeks I'll be posting 3 parts of a 4 part series about a big goal I've set for myself.  The 4th week hasn't happened yet, so that will come in September. Stay tuned for that, and announcements of new articles coming out in September!

This week I fished a pretty diverse set of conditions and locations- spread all over a range of almost 200 miles as the car drives and probably 100 as the crow flies, and probably 1000 of shore line!  From boulders to sand to cliff fishing, I did it all. It wasn't superb, but I did get some fish.  More details below.

I'm going to have to go back to my blog for this post because I can't remember a damn thing.  I've slipped into time warp area and feel like I don't know what day the week it is, or what side is up or down.

OK, so here it is from my logs.

I went North Shore first.  I fished with someone I had met last year, but just randomly and hadn't fished with him since.  We fished really hard and put in a serious session, at least 6 hours if not 7.  We found lots of small breaking fish but couldn't seem to scare up much of anything.  I had a keeper sized bass on a small swimmer and that was it.  There were, what we thought at the time sand eels everywhere, but I know now they're actually spearing- and it's not bananas but it's a good density of them.  That was the only fish either of us had.  Very fussy small fish lots of subtle bumps and tail slaps, which is not typical for me at all.  I find it worse then just not getting hits!

The next night I found myself in a boulder field of southern New England.  This spot has been pretty decent this year, but now I was really pushing it as water temperatures finally began to push up and fish move out.  It was damn cool this night however, so I thought it might work.  55 degrees when I got home at 4am!  I froze to death in my new 1mm wetsuit, which I bought because I was roasting in my 4/3 this year at two spots in particular.  Anyways, I had a few hits according to my log, basically any time I threw something smaller then a darter.  After 90 minutes of no fish landed I threw the trusty savage gear free styler and had a 13lb fish on the first cast.  I'm fully obsessed with these plugs now after a year hiatus, and bought 8 more as I heard they're not making them anymore AND won't be importing that stuff to the USA anymore!  So I've got a cache of at least a dozen now, but that has to last me the next 40 years...I'm skeptical so I've already begun thinking about how I could 1) 3D print a similar lure, 2) make wood ones.  Anyways, I had to keep dipping that fish back in the water because I could NOT get the plug out.  It took me probably 5 minutes and I kept stopping and holding him in the water for 30+ seconds until he started to fight me then pick him up again try and get the hook out while I held my own breath.  I felt bad.  I guess I should ALWAYS feel bad, after all we're basically just torturing an animal for fun...ugh don't get me started on the psychology.  After that it looks like I had a baby baby 15" micro on a redfin.  I guess a bat kept flying into my line, but I don't even remember that now!  I do remember seeing the little harbor seal though.

Next four nights are really pretty boring in terms of catching.  I had schoolies and no keepers for 5 more nights.  I fished my challenging cliff spot twice and mostly used bucktails.  One of those nights the ocean was WAY bigger then I expected and I couldn't fish the spots-within-spots I wanted to.  I went back to the south border field and got skunked.  I hit the canal one night and got seriously harassed by the EPO.  Which is fine, I'm glad he's out there, but he literally kept asking me the same questions over and over and I don't know what I was doing that was giving off such a guilty vibe.  And my waders leaked that night, and my bike broke, and I forgot my pork rinds, and I lost a "rubber ducky" swim shad.  It  was a terrible night and I took it as a sign- I really had a hard core moment of "what am I doing here?".  I haven't gone back and don't intend on it until maybe very late in the year when other things dry up.

That's it for the period of 13 days- 8 days fishing.  Not much.  July isn't always my strong suit though, and I'm still happy with how it's gone so far.   I really was falling apart at this point too, I felt exhausted constantly and was getting in a miserable mood.  I've since taken more time to catch up on sleep, nutrition, and regular exercise, and going into the end of July I was ready to start tackling one of the most physically demanding spots I fish...