Micro Sluggo Fun

I spent this weekend in Maine fishing for bass.  I usually fly fish, but I decided to pick up a micro rod and reel and go back to spin fishing for this trip.  I bought a Shimano Sienna FE 1000 and a Sojourn rod 1-3lb rated (5ft).  I love them both and I am SHOCKED at how good the Sienna is for $30.  I had ZERO tangles all weekend with 4lb test.  That's a first for me with a tiny rod and light lures like this.  Very impressed.

 I then was walking around Kittery Trading Post and saw that they sold 3" sluggos.  I was overwhelmed with excitement.  I got some size 1 offset worm hooks- the smallest they had- and I left feeling more excited about catching bass then I had in years.  The results?  Astounding!

More pictures and details, click below.

I fished maybe 6 hours total and I had about 15 bass, 1/2 that many pickerel, a single crappie, few perch and some jumbo sunnies.  I mostly fished the sluggo like I implied above, but I also had a blast with a Zara Puppy spook lure, and also had a few fish on mepps spinner- black with either orange or green seemed to be the color.  Pretty crazy we're still catching Pickerel in July but we did.  My father even caught one that had to be well over 4lbs it's the biggest I've personally ever seen, despite knowing the record is well into the 7-10lb range for these.  My dad also had a bass that went over 5lbs while throwing a big #5 Mepps in Black with Chartreuse spots.  It is his best fish to date in "his" lake.

The cool thing was I rigged my sluggos and worked them EXACTLY like I do for stripers- slow reel, lots of tip action, making them dart, slide, and pause.  I did work them a bit faster then I usually do with stripers at times, but it seemed the LMB wanted them worked extremely erratic but slow.  I had one though that nailed my little sluggo while ripping it across lily pads, with no action at all.  That got me chuckling.

Most of my bass were in the 2-3lb range but I did have a couple that might have gotten closer to 4lb.  Since boat fish don't count, I made sure to nail one from shore, and I also had a few fish on my fly rod to round things out.

Then my sister and I got nostalgic, she got some worms, and we swam out to a floating swim platform like we used to do as kids and fished for perch and sunnies with dillies.  Honestly it wasn't very exciting but we laughed a lot.

It was a good time.  I haven't spin fished in fresh for something like 4 years now, and I was surprised how much fun I was having.  It's still not fly fishing, but a 5ft micro rod is really fun.