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A Plug 30 at Spot X: Part 1

This will be a multi-part series based on my real experiences.  While this could be an article, this will be exclusive to the blog.  I will be writing it for my "non-fishing friends" as well as those that regularly follow the blog.

A 50lb striped bass is the ultimate goal for me.  But, unlike many anglers, I am not willing to "do whatever it takes" to catch it.  I don't fish bait, because I don't like the idea of killing something just for fun.  Also, I don't fish breachways or inlets because I don't really like it.  And fishing is just for fun.  So for the past five (OK OK I did fish eels a few times last year out of desperation which I regret) seasons I've been a plug-only fisherman using lures to try and catch my quarry.

It's hard.  Harder then using bait, that is undeniable.  And as I detail my experiences in this blog, I think you will see that.

But that's OK.  I like hard.

So I continue to hunt my 50lb fish with plastic and wood imitations of living creatures.

Wait.  Before I get ahead of myself.